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Pets Menu BirdPets Menu is an ambitious, new supplier of pet food products for caged birds, wild birds, small animals, cats and dogs. The company, started in October 2014 and is based on the ideals of excellent quality and good value, whilst supporting local British manufacturing.

Our foods do not compromise on quality, using only the finest ingredients which are traceable and, for the most part, sourced right here, in Britain. Our foods are highly nutritious, thanks to ingredients such as honey which is rich in Vitamin D3. We also use specially selected seeds in our bird treats that are high in calories, great for energy generation.

All of our cat and dog food has been developed by nutritional experts. We never take anything for granted. The pet industry is ever changing and it’s our policy to ensure that our products and services continue to meet the standards required to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Why choose Pets Menu?

Our quality policy is to provide high quality seed treats with clear, clean shapes, whilst minimising raw material waste, we will only use quality ingredients in our products to ensure our standards are retained, our supplier is currently working to ISO9001 Standards.

• Many seed treats sold in pet stores are held together with PVA woodworking glue. Although this is classed as “non-toxic” to humans it is certainly not designed to be digested by animals. All of our seed treats are bound with food-grade gelatine, which is digestible and safe for consumption by animals and humans!!

Crisp, Clean edges means you get more food per bar!

We take our client’s confidentiality very seriously, if its your custom shape product, you wont find it under another brand! *terms apply

Over 40 years of experience from our supplier at your disposal, we know a thing or two about making seed treats!

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